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$99/CLASS - Limit of 2 classes per company or individual

DETAILS: Tuesday from 8:30 - 10:30 at 12407 Hymeadow Rd., Austin, TX 78750 or Thursday from 8:30 - 10:30 at the Austin Chamber of Commerce


  • Why Have a System: Lets face it, the buyers have a system. They never share their real intentions so they can gather your valuable information. Then they make a wishy-washy commitment only to end up hiding. This forces the salesperson to chase in order to close the deal. We will cover a process that is specifically designed to avoid that trap.
  • Establishing Rapport and Building Trust: Learn how to get along with just about anyone and to start gaining their trust immediately. 
  • Eliminating "Mutual Mystification" on Conversations: Do you feel like you have lost control of the sales process? That feeling can be eliminated.
  • Uncovering Compelling Reasons Why the Prospect will Buy: Prospects buy for their reasons - never the salesperson's reasons. Learn how to uncover them.
  • Questioning Strategies: Ideally the salesperson should only talk 30% of the time on a sales call. However, the prospect wants the salesperson to talk as much as possible. So the prospect baits the rep with open-ended questions designed to get the salesperson talking. You can only sell if you are listening! We will teach a few questioning strategies designed to help the salesperson talk less and uncover more information.
  • Uncovering the Budget and the prospects Willingness and Ability to Invest: Learn a comfortable way to discuss the time, money and resources that your prospect will need to invest with you. 
  • Accessing Decision - Makers: Stop taking a "no" from someone who can't tell you "yes": Learn strategies to access the top.
  • Presenting: Most salespeople sell their product or service in 10 minutes, they they spend the next 50 minutes talking their way out of the deal. Learn how not to over-present.
  • Prospecting Strategies and Building a Plan: We will cover non-traditional ways to reach prospects and gain their attention without sounding like a traditional salesperson. We will also teach you how to build a behavior plan that eliminates the stress associated with hitting your sales quota.
  • Behavior Attitudes and Techniques Workshop: Invest in understanding that it takes more than tactics to be a winning sales professional.



$399/CLASS - Limit of 2 classes per company or individual

DETAILS: 2nd Thursday of each month from 8:30 - 10:30 at 12407 at Hymeadow Rd. Austin, TX 78750


Join 20 other Austin Owners, VP of sales and sales managers for our highly interactive workshop. This 3 hour class addresses many issues facing sales leadership today. Topics include: solving people problems and sales process bottlenecks. We also cover coaching, motivation, accountability, changing behaviors and many more. Email us for this months class topic. 

*Any purchases will be credited if you choose to take the entire program.