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Market Sense, Inc. | Austin, TX | Phone: 512-241-3601

Our clients sustained & even grew sales during the “Great Recession."

Now, we’re helping them to do it again.

What’s your plan for shifting your team’s sales strategies for the new reality? How are you planning to keep them motivated and hold them accountable while working remotely? How are you going to develop them in your new virtual work environment?

We can help. Call us for a free consultation or invite us to present a complementary training session for your sales organization.

Live Online Sales Academy

The Live Online Sales Academy introduces the core principles of the Sandler Sales System, a proven, integrity based system that promotes a more effective and efficient sales process. Featuring live, online instructors, with real time role-play and feedback, the Sales Academy is for those willing to invest the time and effort into learning a radically different approach to selling where the customer’s needs drive the sale. This class will make you re-evaluate everything you were taught about selling.

Live Online Sales Leadership Academy

Sure, you can sale, but can you lead? Now that you are responsible for the team’s sales quota, has anyone taught you how to get them there? Working in sales is a funny thing: Miss your forecast too many times and you’re out. Beat your forecast consistently and all of a sudden you’re management material. Join the Market Sense, Inc. team at Austin-based Sandler Training for their 8 Session Live Online Sales Leadership Academy and learn to lead and build your team.

The Sandler Prospecting Virtual Fast Track Program

Old techniques and practices are becoming outdated in today’s fast paced, technology-driven marketplace. Sales professionals, now more than ever, are encountering new obstacles in this evolving digital landscape. There is a desperate need for a system that incorporates new strategies and tactics to give salespeople (that are willing to learn) the slight edge over everyone else.