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The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

"Thank you for the time you spent with our class, it was super helpful! Our team definitely hit the phones with so much confidence after attending your intro course. I myself uncovered a great opportunity during our cold calling phase, using the material I absorbed through Sandler! Keep providing the great knowledge you shared with us, as I look forward to more of your courses that SHI offers us!!"

- Daniel M.

"I would like to give special thanks to Karl Scheible and his team at Sandler Training Austin, Market Sense, Inc. for their sales training, mentorship and support. This exit and my personal success is closely tied to the behaviors, attitudes, and techniques that they coached to me and my young sales team. #sandlerworks"

- Jay S.

I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your help over the years. Specifically, your help on the LHC deal was invaluable. What I needed most was help in controlling emotions and developing the proper negotiation tactics and you delivered! Our talks helped us close this $21 Million deal! It's the biggest deal our company has ever closed, and there's another $12 Million deal to follow this one.

- Wade B.

"We went from struggling for a few leads per month to growing our pipeline to 10 leads and prospects a week after my Sandler training. The process is simple, but not simplistic, and I finally have clarity about how to achieve our company goals. I am so grateful for Market Sense and my trainers."

- Cindy B.

"I would like to thank you, Karl, and Christina for all the help I received while attending the Foundations course. This course helped me tremendously by establishing a selling system and a confidence level I never had."

- John E.

"Two weeks ago, I attended a Sandler sales Leadership Academy in Austin that was presented by Karl Scheible and his team. Quick background... I am 49 years young, my career path has largely been entrepreneurial having sold two companies several years ago. A publishing company in 2003 and a digital signage company in 2008. Both organizations were startups and in each case the goal was focused. Sell, Sell, Sell provide AAA customer service and good things will happen. I was always proud of my accomplishments until of course I attended the Sales Leadership Academy and realized my sales could have and should have been much stronger than they were. In short, I should have sold both companies for exponentially more. Experiencing several AHH-HA moments the week with Karl was the impetus for writing this letter. It is NEVER too late to learn. It is NEVER too late to grow. It is NEVER too late to improve your team. I would strongly recommend any business owner or C level executive attend this course. It is a "gamechanger". The root of the curriculum allows for easy adoption for your team and the support provided by Karl and his team is nothing short of aspirational."

- Craig P.

"I wanted to reach out and let you know that after using the techniques you and Chris taught us in the Sandler training, my success with cold calls and IT directors have skyrocketed! I feel tremendously more confident and comfortable on the phone. The up-front contracts and the 30-second commercial are such great tools. Thank you so much for the training. This is the beginning of my sales career, and you guys have made it so much fun, and more successful. Please keep up the good work."

- Reno A.

"I decided to make the investment in myself and self-paid for a year of Sandler Training. The end result is that I am closing more deals and when I don't close a deal, I now understand why. Every prospect is not qualified to become a customer! Recently I closed an 8 figure deal that put me on top! The team and I have been on a hot streak ever since."

- Brooks R.

"Just after a few months of training with Christina, my sales have increased because of the methods Sandler Training provides. I have learned how to ask the right questions and identify the pain of my prospects and current clients as well. Thank you Christina for being a great coach!"

- Chance G.

"I engaged Sandler Training to provide sales coaching for my new employee. This proved to be a good investment for my company as we doubled the number of appointments we have set for prospective clients as a result of the sales coaching. Christina takes really good care of her clients. She will go above and beyond to help her clients and I will always be grateful."

- Cristy F.

"Since Christina started working with us, our sales have risen 40%. In my years as a manager, I have never seen a more efficient and effective trainer. Her methods are instinctive and always accurate and the results indisputable. You will never find a more qualified trainer candidate than Christina."

- David I.

"Hey Guys! So I think I mentioned to you once or twice that one call closes are like not a 'thing' in my industry. Well, they are but they are extremely rare. Today I had my first meeting where going through the entire Sandler submarine was needed and guess what - we got a verbal, pending legal signature. Huge Win! If I had to name two things that I think really sealed the deal - my upfront contract...and *requesting* a yes or no...not a MAYBE...which they were totally cool with. Listening to what they really wanted to see, and tackling that first not going through the deck that my resource prepared...that was key key key! Also, at the end after I got a yes, pending legal - I asked them how they planned on telling the current vendor...and used a third party story to demonstrate how I can help them with it if they feel like they need to. It didn't seem like it was a big deal to them, so I made it a non-issue! The icing on the cake is that my resource, who does these all day - that's been his job for two years gave me rave reviews and told me he put me on speaker phone so his peers can listen to me crush the meeting. We all know the icing is the best part of the cake."

- Jacci R.

"For 10 years my business went up and down. I have very little control over our sales cycles and as a result, my fortunes often rose and fell on the wind. Thanks to Sandler I have been able to take control of my pipeline. I had my biggest quarter ever last quarter. This quarter I closed my biggest deal ever. In a two day period this quarter I closed more business than I often close in a year. Furthermore my management approach has changed. My employees are happier with my leadership and my clients are more respectful and collaborative. In short it has been a whirlwind transformation and I am loving it."

- David E.

"The team hit 200% of our bookings goal for the month, and I was able to hire two new sales people using the interview approach that I learned in the class. Looking forward to a great 2017."

- Nate W.

"I want to thank you for enlightening me! This has been the single best sales training that I have ever received. This has lit a fire in me and I can not explain my enthusiasm!"

- Shaun S.

"Before starting with Sandler, we had no direction for B2B Sales, and we'd been cycling through reps every few months. Now, our team is growing, and sales have tripled!"

- Peter K.

"This company had a very outdated phone system with everything on location. We went in with our cloud system and went through the proposal stage. When we arrived at the signing of the contract, the CEO decided that it wasn't a fair proposal. By incorporating what my team and I have been learning in foundations class, we were able to both uncover the real pain that caused the sudden hesitation, and reverse the proposal, negotiating a 3 year contract for $8,500 a month!"

- Billie D.

"After receiving a request through our website, I connected with the manager in charge and was able to discover his pain through a short conversation. During our follow up meeting I continued to take both him and his boss, the final decision maker, through the Sandler Submarine. By incorporating my Sandler training, I was able to close a 30k deal with almost no resistance!" -

- Steven R.

"In my meeting Friday, I was able to fully understand the bidding process that the prospect has when bidding large LED projects. Further, I learned the troubles that she had with the two other companies who had already submitted bids. As a result, I was able to use this information at the property level to gather more information from the property manager. During the pain funnel process, the property manager actually gave me the two competing bids."

- Casey C.

"I was at a trade show of a critical customer and they asked me why they should consider us. My Sandler training helped me stay relaxed and not, 'leave all my candy in the entrance hall.' "

- Michael C.

"I know I am not supposed to get excited about the wins and just do my job, but I just set an appointment off a cold call and want to thank you for teaching me the skills and for giving me confidence that helped me do it."

- Kevin S.

"I was able to re-engage a customer that we lost traction with in February by offering to make an in-person sale. By meeting her particular need she made a large purchase and will buy more. "

- Bobby K.

"Dear Adam: I wanted to thank you and Market Sense for over-delivering on your commitment to me and my organization. Your program is transforming the way we do business and how we interact with both customers and prospects. Our performance improves every week as a result of your support. Keep up the great work!" Sincerely,

- Chris W.

"Adam and Market Sense have done an amazing job training and coaching us to become more effective and efficient in our selling process. The weekly training provided a great set of basics that we could then begin working with during the week. Adam and Karl stepped in quickly whenever the need for group or personal coaching arose and provided excellent coaching on how to apply the principles we learned to get the maximum value."

- Jeffery H.

"Adam, I can't thank you enough for your commitment to helping our sales team excel. The results speak for themselves: After working with you, our prospecting results increased by a factor of 3-4x. Also, when we now go into a sale competing against a non-incumbent vendor, we almost always win. I directly attribute that to Market Sense (Sandler) training, as well as the management coaching that kept the team focused on a common goal and methodology(...)" Sincerely,"

- Nate L.

"Sandler helped me close my best ever month in June this year. The continual practice and roll playing in class and momentum that I've gained, from what is now over a year of practicing the Sandler techniques, has enabled me to be confident in the sales process, help prospects get comfortable, and get to a position where I know who I can help and who I can't help. All of this has resulted in us being able to help more and more customers with their problems by selling them our product."

- P. Croft

"Dear Karl, I am thrilled to tell you that the business development opportunity you provided coaching on was a success! We now have a signed contract. This easily represents $1M in revenue for my company in the coming year. The coaching you gave us is, I'm certain, what made the difference. Please accept my sincerest thanks! We are all thrilled to have discovered your services."

- Yvonne T.

"I have not prepared a formal proposal in over a year! I cannot express the appreciation for having a system that helps me maintain control...and my sanity!"

- Dustin W.

"Karl, Just wanted to share that I modified your "Close the File" email and it worked. Not only did it revive a conversation, it turned into a closed sale for $22,000 this morning."

- Simon M.

"The prospect I was working with had been non-committal over a few months. I had previously used the pendulum theory to be slightly negative to get things back on track earlier this year. When it came for the deal to progress to the audit stage, he again seemed non-committal. As result, I used the negative pendulum and Chinese menu, two techniques I learned in the President's club, to get the deal back on track. With 32 properties, this prospect/deal is the largest in my pipeline currently."

- Casey C.

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Samuel Hoff

Patti Engineering

Industry: Engineering

Samuel Hoff, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Patti Engineering, talks about how his company’s sales more than doubled after Sandler sales training. “In 2007, we were a bunch of really good engineers and really bad salespeople; now we’re the same good engineers but we’re a lot smarter about the sales process.” In 2007 the company did a little less than $3 million in business and spent $1.10 for every dollar it made. Last year it did $7.5 million in business and spent 88¢ for every dollar it made. “My personal income is seven times what it was in 2007,” says Hoff. “That’s living proof of the success of Sandler.”

Ken Harris

Health o meter

Industry: Healthcare

Ken Harris is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Health o meter, which manufactures devices for the medical community. He describes his history with Sandler, which spans 15 years and four companies. “Sandler is the one process I’ve seen that puts customer behaviors and salespeople behaviors together to help the customer in a way that ends up helping the company.” Harris uses a sports analogy to describe the impact of a great system, whether in college sports or sales training: “In a college team, turnover is every four years by definition, yet dynasties exist because they have good systems. Sales is also a skill set that needs to be constantly honed and, for me, Sandler is the only method that provides that level of consistent and intimate training.”

Roy Cook

Merrill Lynch

Industry: Financial Planning

Roy Cook, who works with Merrill Lynch to help clients strategize their retirement plans, explains his mindset when he started Sandler training. “When I was introduced to Sandler I didn’t think I had any problems,” he says. He did have problems, though, including the lack of a systematic approach to generating new business. “Sandler has a very logical, very cerebral approach to sales. I saw more than 20 percent growth in my business year after year. Some of that I attribute to the market, but a lot of it I attribute to the Sandler process, with me implementing it and working more efficiently.”