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Market Sense, Inc. | Austin, TX | Phone: 512-241-3601

Sales Leadership Program

Join Karl Scheible and his team at their Austin-based Sandler Training center for the monthly Sales Leadership Program.

The Program Focuses on:

• Marketing the position to drive more applications

• Prescreening talent before they are interviewed

• Conducting  effective and efficient interviews

• Accurately hiring “A” players

• Onboarding the new hires – setting them up for success

* When clients follow our system, the candidates our assessments recommend for hiring have a 92% chance of being in the top half of their sales team in six months.


• Reduce the need for managerial intervention during the sales process

• Reduce turnover due to under-performance

• Improved communication when giving feedback

• Change behavior permanently


• Understanding people and what makes them want to be successful

• Motivating your people to overachieve on a consistent basis

• Creating culture of accountability and self-discipline

• Improving morale and raising the team’s self-esteem


• Learn to properly stage the pipeline

• Build individual behavior plans for yourself and your people

• Choosing the most effective metrics and then using them

• Strategies for eliminating delayed closings

• Pre-call planning

• Post-call debriefing


Students in our Sales Leadership Program will not only receive world-class training and a full year of online reinforcement, but also:

1. Sales leadership assessment

2. One year access to Sandler Online

3. A copy of “Sandler Rules for Sales Managers”

4. A copy of “Transforming Leaders the Sandler Way”

5. A copy of “Succeed the Sandler Way”

6. Class materials

7. Admission to a Sandler 2-day sales boot camp

8. One 50%-off coupons for Sandler sales boot camps

9. “Management and Sales Tactics” newsletter

10. Monthly one-on-one meeting with a coach



"Over my career I have seen countless salespeople thrown into a leadership position - often amongst their peers - without being formally prepared to effectively lead their new team. This is part of the reason that almost 50% of all salespeople fail to hit quota. The inability to hit the sales budget, in site of the end of quarter heroics, is the all too typical outcome. The paradigm has always bothered me, which is why I decided to dedicate the next phase of my training career to developing great sales leaders." - Karl Scheible President of Market Sense, Inc.