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Need a Rep?

Hate having every sales hiring decision come down to a “gut feeling”? 

We’re 92% sure there’s a better way.

Don’t waste time and resources on people that interview well but can’t move the needle on your sales. With data from more than a million salespeople we’ve assessed:

92% of candidates that we recommended and that were subsequently hired rose to the top half of their sales teams within 6 months.

75% of those that we recommended NOT be hired but were hired anyway failed and were terminated within 6 months.

You’ve got questions about your sales candidates. We’ve got answers. Before hiring your next salesperson, make sure you know:

Can they sell?

Resumes don’t tell you the full picture of what specific skills and weaknesses candidates are bringing to their selling. Will they hit or exceed quota? Can they accurately qualify leads to guarantee you’ve got a realistic forecast? Can they effectively manage their pipeline while continuing to fill the top of their funnel?

Will they make it in your environment?

Just because someone’s resume says they’ve worked in your industry doesn’t mean they’ve got what it takes to excel in your particular environment. We finely calibrate our tools to your specific company, product/service, sales cycle and competitive landscape to make sure you’re getting laser-focused guidance on who will and won’t be able to sell for you.

Do they have the fire?

Experience and accolades don’t always equate to sales when the rubber meets the road. Is your candidate motivated to succeed at all costs, or will they give up when they face difficulties, rejection or failure? How eager and able are they to learn and evolve? Our tools will tell you not only how motivated and committed they are to selling, but also how to keep them energized, engaged, and earning.

How soon before they are up and running?

Every new sales person has an onboarding period, learning the ropes of the company, product, or service in order to be able to speak confidently and intelligently about it. This period is money out of your pocket in base salary and benefits that doesn’t get replenished until they actually get out and start selling. We will let you know how long it will take for each candidate to earn back your investment in them.

How can you set them up for success?

You’ve found the perfect candidate with the right Sales DNA, and they’ve accepted the position. Now, how do you coach, motivate and hold them accountable in a way that supports their individual strengths and helps them overcome their weaknesses? Our assessment includes individualized coaching and development profiles for each hire so you can take their skills to the next level.