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Sandler Online Sales Academy - LIVE!

Our Sandler Sales training program has been attended by more than 2,000 sales professionals in the Austin area and now we’re delivering it live, online.

Position yourself for success by integrating the core principles of the Sandler Sales System, a proven, integrity-based system that promotes a more effective and efficient sales process. The Sales Academy is for those willing to invest the time and effort into learning new material and being open to trying things that seem counter-intuitive. This class will make you re-evaluate everything you were taught about sales.      


  • 9 highly engaging online training sessions
  • Over the course of 4.5 weeks
  • Led by LIVE instructors
  • Role play in real time with LIVE partners
  • Get your sales questions and obstacles answered by sales professionals

During the Sales Foundations program, you will learn a modern sales methodology for engaging prospects and exchanging information with them in a honest, organized, and non-manipulative manner that serves the best interests of both parties. This approach works regardless of whether done in-person, over the phone, or via video conference. 


Salespeople, sales managers, senior leaders, business owners, and anyone else involved in the selling process who might be:

- Looking for modern sales strategies to help them in times of crisis

- Lacking control during the selling process

- Experiencing longer and longer sales cycles

- Frustrated with being marginalized on price

- Tired of getting "think-it-overs"

- Doing more unpaid consulting instead of selling

- Wanting to increase sales and profits in 2020

How it Works:

New classes starting every week. This is a four-and-a-half week program with two sessions per week.


Three of Austin's best sales trainers who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that stems from years of experience in everything from entry-level cold calling in the trenches to international business development to leading both sales and operations teams from the C-suite. Our trainers are all out there selling when they’re not teaching class, and never teach anything they don't practice themselves.


Anywhere you are! We deliver this training live and online in a small group setting.


Investment: $2750.00/person

Includes physical materials & one year of access to Sandler Online Sales Learning Library.


For 16 years, Market Sense has offered a money back guarantee for our introductory programs. In these challenging times, we want you to have full confidence that your investment in learning new sales strategies will be a sound one.

It's so important to us that our training actually help you, that if you don't feel that this program will enable you to sell more effectively right away, we will refund your money.

"The training has been incredibly positive, and my hope is that more training services will follow suit on this type of format. Highly engaging and broken down into 1.5 hour chunks let's me stay fresh and attention focused. In other typical "boot camp" training formats I have a propensity to "check out" after lunch allowing for much less absorption of the material." 

- Mark M.


"We went from struggling for a few leads per month to growing our pipeline to 10 leads and prospects a week after my Sandler training. The process is simple, but not simplistic, and I finally have clarity about how to achieve our company goals. I am so grateful for Market Sense and my trainers." 

— Cindy B.

"We are extremely satisfied with the sales leadership and sales training from Market Sense. After a year of development work, we are already at 68% of our bookings plan half way through the year...and the pipeline is still growing faster each quarter!"

— Nate W.

"I'm reaching out because I wanted to let you know that the 30 Second Commercial you taught us is incredible! I've been having some anxiety and anxiousness talking on the phone with those who handle IT. I finally used it and the woman actually had a quick conversation with me about who they used for their IT and what they like about them. Again, thanks for helping me overcome my fear of not knowing what to say!" — Daniel R.