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The Newest Sandler Books

Industry leaders sharing best-of-best secrets with you.

14 Personal and Professional Breakthroughs

Succeed The Sandler Way

Success in sales, as in life, depends on understanding where one is, and where one wants to go. In this book, authors and Sandler trainers Karl Scheible and Adam Boyd provide sales professionals, managers, and business owners with insights into what needs to happen for them to get there.

"I want to let you know that I read your book over the weekend and I was touched by the stories in the book. Many of the examples are really motivating, but a quote that sticks with me the most is: “Success if not about getting ‘there'. Its about the person we are becoming along the way." - Ravi Badge, President


How to Break the Conflict Cycle

In Playing the Ace, Tim Goering identifies how to break the toxic conflict cycle and resolve any situation whenever and wherever it presents itself, at any time you choose.


Win in the Amazon Era

In Retail Success in an Online World, Rob Fishman discuss how to capture and keep loyal, happy clients while successfully competing against the online world.


Eight Essential Elements

The Contrarian Salesperson

Based on the field-tested principles of the Sandler Selling System, The Contrarian Salesperson by Sandler trainer Jody Williamson gives sales professionals a compulsively readable primer on the eight essential elements of non-traditional selling. As Carl Contrario puts it: “Contrarian Salespeople are all about doing the opposite of what other salespeople do … because if you act like every other salesperson, you’re going to be treated like every other salesperson!”

managing vs. coaching

Do you know the difference?

A recent study found that few sales managers spend time coaching, and when they do it's generally ineffective, failing to get the desired results. The Coach's Playbook: Breaking the Performance Code by Sandler trainer Bill Bartlett answers the question of 'Why?' and offers a specific, actionable plan based upon the award-winning Sandler Selling System.

From a complex sales cycle to a successful finish

Sandler Enterprise Selling, published by McGraw Hill

Competitively pursuing large, complex accounts with multiple constituencies and decision makers is a huge challenge for sales professionals. This latest Sandler book provides a practical six-stage approach for winning business with profitable enterprise clients, serving them effectively, and expanding the relationship over time.

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Ground-breaking LinkedIn-Sandler book

LinkedIn The Sandler Way

Sandler and LinkedIn—the world's largest sales training organization and the world's largest networking organization—have released our first joint book publication.

LinkedIn The Sandler Way, 25 Secrets that Show Salespeople How to Leverage the World's Largest Professional Network is a must-have book for any professional salesperson.